Where To Start With Anime

When you start to open up to anime you can be quite overwhelmed. Here’s a guide when you start watching anime. First, if you have a Microsoft device then download Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is good for the gateway to anime, it doesn’t limit you in any way but it will keep you from getting overwhelmed. Crunchyroll keeps the expansion of seeing more anime controlled but still letting you take the wheel at times. If you slowly find five or six shows and finish all of them then repeat that over again multiple times, then you’ll be set for your knowledge of anime to expand.

Second, explore YouTube for videos like “Guess the anime intro” or “Top Ten Best Anime” to find new shows. Sometimes you’ll hear some thing you like for instance, one time was listening to a guess the intro video and I heard an amazing song. It was from an anime called Toradora!. I wrote that down then searched it later that day. I really enjoy that series so you should watch it.


The gateway Anime that I recommend are, My Hero Academia, Blue exorcist, and Rising of The Shield Hero.

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