Anime Terms

First, in this class we’ll be studying the “meme” anime terms.

weaboo. A weaboo is someone who is over obsessed with anime to the point that it becomes very annoying.

Desu. …no comment

Bakka. Japanese for stupid, Baka is usually used by a weaboo.

Now time for the deres.

Yandere. Yandere is someone who supposedly would kill or harm to get to their lover.

Tsundere. They are originally cold and mean but the more you get to know them, the seem nicer.

Deredere. A Deredere is someone who’s very selfless and nice, that’s how they get people to like them.

I’m not listing the other 14 deres so…

Now for the serious terms.

Yaoi. Yaoi is “BL” or “Boys Love” a good example is Junjou Romantica 3.

Yuri. Yaoi for girls.

Bishonen. Okay, this is just weird. It means beautiful young boy.

Bishoujo. Ummm… just guess.

Otaku. Someone who is interested in Japanese culture

Bai Bai Bai

Ayano Aishi (Yandere Simulator)


Personally, I despise Pokémon because it expects everyone to remember every single Pokémon and all their forms. Also, a lot of people call themselves “Otaku” and ”anime fans” which really annoys me. Basically, the story follows the story of Ash Ketchum ( cough ketchup cough). Ash wants to become a Pokémon trainer and explore the world so he goes to a ” Pokémon Breeder?” I guess. A Pokémon is a species of creatures that are used by humans to battle each other… …violently. Pikachu is Ash’s companion and best friend. I only even slightly like Pokémon because of the video games. I have a Galaxy 3ds XL and I play the games when I’m bored and they’re so fun.

What’s Manga?

Manga is the Japanese form of comic books. Many people that are new to the subject pronounce it Man-ga but it’s actually pronounced like Mon-ga. Most anime started out as manga. For instance, Black Butler, Naruto, and Soul Eater. I myself actually create manga but I’m to bad of an artist to post them. With manga you have to read right to left not left to right. Sorry about this article being short, it was all I had to say. If you want to read manga them download Manga Rock, it has free manga that I really enjoy. I suggest you read “In Another World With My Smartphone”. It has a really good storyline and art.

Where To Start With Anime

When you start to open up to anime you can be quite overwhelmed. Here’s a guide when you start watching anime. First, if you have a Microsoft device then download Crunchyroll. Crunchyroll is good for the gateway to anime, it doesn’t limit you in any way but it will keep you from getting overwhelmed. Crunchyroll keeps the expansion of seeing more anime controlled but still letting you take the wheel at times. If you slowly find five or six shows and finish all of them then repeat that over again multiple times, then you’ll be set for your knowledge of anime to expand.

Second, explore YouTube for videos like “Guess the anime intro” or “Top Ten Best Anime” to find new shows. Sometimes you’ll hear some thing you like for instance, one time was listening to a guess the intro video and I heard an amazing song. It was from an anime called Toradora!. I wrote that down then searched it later that day. I really enjoy that series so you should watch it.


The gateway Anime that I recommend are, My Hero Academia, Blue exorcist, and Rising of The Shield Hero.

Death Note

Death Note is an anime about a book called the Death Note. It’s a notebook that belongs to a Shinigami, that’s Japanese for reaper. It has the power to kill anyone without a trace leading to you. A Shinigami called Ryuk “accidently” drops his Death note down to Earth on a high school campus. Light Yagami, a student at the school happens to stumble upon the Death Note. To sum the rest of the story up, Ryuk and Light both develop a plan to “cleanse the world by killing multiple criminals a day for over five years.

What’s Anime?

Have you ever wondered what anime is, or maybe what Shonen anime is? Well, you came to the right place. Anime is the Japanese form of animation. Many people outside of Japan love anime as well. It’s most liked by other countries because they find it more interesting than what they’re used to. I do have my favorite American cartoons too. The first anime was ever was introduced in 1952 by Osamu Tezuka The series followed the story of an android boy with human emotions. Anime developed from there and then 66 years later we have creations like My Hero Academia and Yuri on Ice!!!

Shonen anime is meant f0r boys. Shonen in Japanese means “boy”, so we know that anime means animation so Shonen anime means boy animation. This category includes Death Note, Soul Eater, Blue Exorcist, Bleach, Naruto, Hunter x Hunter, and much more. Don’t worry women there’s Shoujo anime too, but that’s a different topic.